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About this project:

This is the Web Contact Manager project ("webcontactmanag")

This project was registered on SourceForge.net on Sep 12, 2009, and is described by the project team as follows:

Web Contact Manager (WCM) is a web based contact manager, supporting maps, imports and exports to Microsoft Outlook® and Excel®. WCM supports multiple users, with permissions and has a research component to assist in tracking down lost friends. It's based on PHP and mySQL.


  • Maintains personal and business contact information for individuals
  • Integrated photo manager supports a few pictures of each contact
  • Google Map individual addresses, as well as overview of all contacts
  • Calendar view of birthdays and anniversaries
  • Import/Export with Excel for easy updating
  • Easy Export to Outlook contacts
  • Generate various PDF Photo Directory's (uses mPDF)
  • Optional Birthday and Anniversary reminder emails
  • Search assistant helps track down misplaced friends and contacts
  • Hooks are in place to support multi-language interface


  • Maintain a common contact database
  • Creation of Photo Directory "yearbook" for reunions

Test Drive:

When the static screen shots just don't do enough to let you experience the application, you can test drive it here - WebContacts.
Be sure to note the limitations below.

Login with:

  • user: johnuser@nomail.com
  • pass: ju1234


The following limitations exist only on the SourceForge hosted site. These limitations do not exist in practice in an actual installation.
  • PDF Generation: SourceForge has resource limits in place, and some options of the PDF generator program exceed that limit. When this happens, you will see an out of memory error (usually related to picking an option with large graphics). Choose fewer options and smaller graphics for the report and it will likely work.
  • ExcelWriter: This isn't working yet. The problem seems to be related to installation of PEAR and the ExcelWriter module.
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